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jeremy and Mary 2Mary formed a songwriting and performance partnership with bassist/composer/producer Jeremy Alsop in 1990 called “The Lovers”.

“The Lovers’ music captures the new spirit of Australia.” Joan Kirner, former Victorian premier

Together, they collaborated with some of Australia’s finest contemporary musicians, for live performances and recordings. In 1994, they were signed to Gotham BMG, releasing two critically acclaimed albums, Embrace (1995) and Black Orchid (2001). During this time, they received ARIA nominations in five categories and Embrace was voted one of the top ten releases of the year by The Age Green Guide.

“A voice that is fire and ice” Clifford Hocking on The Lovers album, Embrace

“Grown up, poetic music for adults, mellifluous and as intimate as aromatherapy between consenting adults” Barry Humphries on Embrace

“Valid, absorbing original and often imaginative music” Glenn A Baker on The Lovers’ album, Black Orchid

“Aurally seductive, lush….one of the top ten releases of the year” Mike Daly

Mary and Jeremy are planning a new album in 2011/12.

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Long shotPortraits of Four Australian Women 
(for Guitar and Speaker)

In 2007 guitarist and actress Karin Schaupp, commissioned a work for guitarist/speaker, that would allow her to combine her talents as both actress and guitarist, on the concert stage. Likewise, here was an opportunity for Mary to bring together her love of writing words for music (honed through lyrics writing during the Lovers’ years), and musical composition, in a new way: the work would be designed to be played and spoken by one person, not as guitarist/singer, but as guitarist/actress with equal prowess in both disciplines.

Portraits of Four Australian Women, a work in four movements for solo guitar and spoken word, was created for performance by one artist, (guitarist/speaker) or two (guitarist and speaker).

“A remarkable new work.” UK Classical Guitar Magazine

Karin premiered this work in 2007, garnering both critical and popular acclaim. The same year, she performed Portraits of Four Australian Women” at the Darwin International Guitar Festival and in “Guitar and Light” a concert at Sydney’s Seymour Centre with visuals by lighting artist, Mary-Anne Kyriakou.

The Butterfly and The Phoenix
(for Guitar, Speaker and Choir)

Following on from the success of “Portraits” Karin commissioned another work.  The Butterfly and The Phoenix is scored for guitarist/speaker and choir. The subject is the Victorian fires of Black Saturday February 7, 2009. The work is an artistic response to an event of great emotional significance. Art has the ability (one could say, the responsibility) to help us come to terms with difficult and complex events in a way that mere discussion cannot.

“… plenty of wordless atmosphere, some striking passages suggesting the fire’s ferocity, while a highly effective, pitchless segment early on, characterized the day’s driving wind and the conflagration’s hiss nearing it’s victim’s townships.”
Clive O’Connell, The Age

“A wonderful, inspired work, full of reflection, beauty and hope”
Gerard Brophy

The Butterfly and The Phoenix was performed Australia wide in 2010, with 4 different choirs, including the Adelaide Chamber Singers at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival, and the Trinity College Choir, at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

“….a quite moving musical depiction of last year’s bushfires in Victoria” Graham Strahle, The Australian

Click above for an excerpt of The Butterfly and the Phoenix (recorded by ABC Classics at the Melbourne Recital Centre, December 2010)

Dialogue of Two Goddesses
(for Guitar, Recorder and Text)

Karin regularly performs in a duo with the outstanding recordist, Genevieve Lacey. Mary is writing a work with text for the duo: Dialogue of Two Goddesses will be an abstract telling of the myth of Psyche, through a musical and verbal conversation between the goddess, Aphrodite and the mortal, Psyche.

The work, slated for completion by July 2012  will be designed either for concert performance, or full theatrical production.

Mary has been composing for the harp since her teenage years. In her twenties, she concentrated on improvising, as well as accompanying her own vocals. At this time, she connected with Melbourne’s vibrant jazz scene, honing her skills in bands with David Jones, Joe Chindamo and Jeremy Alsop, among others.

Between 2003 and 2005, she wrote and recorded the solo harp album, Elemental which featured the suite, “The Elements”.

“Incredibly creative playing and writing for the harp.” Julie Raines, Principal Harp, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

“A confident, striking performance … a magnificent collection of original pieces.” Jill Atkinson, Principal Harp, Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Numerous original harp ensemble works have been written since then, and Mary’s compositions are included in the Trinity International Syllabus.

In 2011 a work for Alice Giles’ Seven Harp Ensemble will be written, describing female archetypes from around the world.

Click above for an excerpt of ‘Spirit’ from Elemental

Click above for an excerpt of ‘Air’ from Elemental

Elemental is available for purchase.  Contact us to find out more.

Since 2009, Mary has performed in sonic art productions as part of the Bolt Ensemble; including The Nis (2009) and The Mountain (2010). Hullick’s unique vision of inclusivity has professional musicians mentoring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and performing with them in professional productions.

Together with the “Amplified Elephants”, sonic artists with intellectual disabilities, Hullick creates sonic art events with and without visuals. He calls this work “The Click Clack Project” based on a philosophy of “interabilities”.

Mary has music theatre collaborations and a solo project in the pipeline.
More details shortly.
Cole Porter is a universal favourite. Mary’s show “What a Swell Party!” consists of selections from the songbook, arranged for voice and harp and delivered with plenty of sass.

“… moody and inventive … elegantly sassy.”

She has played to capacity audiences in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. Her vocal jazz repertoire includes both standards and originals.
She performs on occasion, with pianists or with a band.
Collaborators have included Joe Chindamo, David Jones, Jeremy Alsop and Doug de Vries.

Click above for a live recording of Mary performing Ms Otis

Click above  for a live recording of Mary performing Let’s Do It


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